The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.

/ - Jon Kabat-Zinn / 

I’m the oldest sibling and the oldest cousin on both sides of my family. My sister is the next closest in age three years younger, and my cousins all younger than that. I’ve always sat at the grown up table. Too young to be fully a part of the conversation I just watched.It was the beginning of my photography training. I still watch, now at much bigger dinner parties.


I watch and wait and observe when I photograph weddings, and what I think I see is the subtleties.

How your mother proudly has your wedding invite stuck to her fridge.

The dirt in the windowsill your flowergirls have written their names in.

The balancing act of your Uncle Jon up a rocky slope with no shoes and full glasses of wine.


I read body language.

A touch, a smile through tears, a muffled laugh.

The slight readjustment of a new ring on the third finger.


I want my photography work to be deeper than the a montage of a dress and some fancy shoes. To look beyond the surface and to notice the small things that, just maybe, are the most important.


The thing that differentiates one photographer from the next is the way we see the world, and I see tiny beautiful things.