Q&A Wedding Edition


Where are you? You’ve got weddings everywhere on your blog, but you seem to have a love affair with the west coast going on instagram. I’m lost.

In short I am based in Vancouver BC. I love this city, I love how fast people are to smile, and to help a struggling stranger with their ripping grocery bags. I love the ocean and the mountains and the laid back love for adventure here. The island, not too far away, is my little oyster, and I like to shoot my travels there in my own life and for others, hence the instagram love affair with the entire coast.

I grew up north of Toronto in a little hamlet of rolling hills, horses, and apple orchards. I started my photography career driving around the backroads of southern Ontario, and a lot of my earlier work is based there. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a significant portion of my early twenties traveling around Asia, North America, The Caribbean and the UK camera in hand. I know it is a little confusing but I go where the work is, and sometimes where it isn’t. I can be anywhere you like.

So you travel?

Yes, in fact I think I travel quite well.

It may not be even be that expensive to bring me to your wedding. In addition to my regular pricing, I require just the cost of a flight and a few nights accommodation to shoot a wedding abroad. For all that extra trouble, I throw in an extra couple of hours of shooting to make the most of my destination whether that be for a rehearsal dinner, volcano hike, or a poolside hang out. The best way to get a true idea of costs is to contact me. I may even be planning on being your area.

I will shoot a few weddings in Toronto area every year as well. Its an excellent excuse to come back and visit my family and friends there. Don’t hesitate to get in touch in 2018 I’m headed back once already.

How far do you book out? Can I book you now for my wedding in two years?

I book about a four months to a year out for weddings and two to four months for other work. I really admire the wedding planning tenacity when I get emails from enthusiastic couples getting married far into the future, but a lot can change in two years so lets stick to twelve months and I can give everything I got to my set of 20-25 couples each year.

I do have room for the odd last minute date depending on where and when.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

At every wedding no. I love being the only one, especially at small intimate weddings, and I probably shoot 95% of weddings that way. I am confident I can get everything I need by myself, but some weddings do call for an extra hand and I have a handful of trusty photographers that I love to shoot with. A second eye is a package add-on and I’ll be honest if you ask if I think you need one or not.

Can I order prints and albums from you?

Yes. I truly believe in making prints to share and putting together a whole collection of photos in an album. To have a look at my albums you can click here.

How much do you charge to shoot a wedding?

I try to keep pricing as simple as possible. I have a base rate and then albums, second photographers, audio coverage and prints are also possibilities. My pricing isn’t a secret but it isn’t online – I think the information about your wedding day is more important so email me. I’d rather start there.

Do you have any recommendations for planners/florists/wedding video making masters in Vancouver? 

Do I ever. The wedding community here is something else. I’m proud to be a part of it.

I also have a few recommendations from my time shooting in Toronto and on the island. You can click here to check that out.

Help! You didn’t answer my question. 

That isn’t a question. But I can help you anyways send me an email.