Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photography | Kristen and Ryan

It was past midnight when I pulled out of the Toronto Hunt Club on May 25th, the sky was clear and the moon was full. I had spent the entire day with Kristen and Ryan and their entourage of 16 bridesmaids and groomsmen. A twelve hour or so glimpse into the lives two people I might not have had the pleasure of meeting if not for a job in wedding photography.  

I thought about the speeches I had recorded, and the conversations I had. After twelve hours with all the important people in their lives I felt like I knew Kristen and Ryan so much better than I did at the beginning of the day. I smiled, because I knew that this attempt to push my work as a storyteller further into the realm of sound as well as visuals was going to explain what I had the pleasure of experiencing myself. A wedding day full of laughter, one liners and love.


A photograph does not explain, it can only acknowledge, the very muteness of what is. Sound brings another dimension and I am so thankful to be able to share their wedding with a few selected words spoken over dinner. I hope that the combination does justice to the day, and to Kristen and Ryan. Thanks so much for having me along.



Toronto Hunt Club Wedding - Kristen and Ryanbride and groom portrait at Toronto hunt Club wedding beautiful toronto wedding photography bw-113 copy bw-92 copy bw-93 copy bw-101 copy bw-102 copy bw-114 copytoronto-hunt-club-wedding-0032 Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photography toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0040 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0043 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0042toronto wedding photographergirls get ready at toronto wedding toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0049 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0053 Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photography toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0059 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0057 Toronto Wedding Photographer toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0062 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0066toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0069 Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer photojournalistic wedding photo by Taylor Roades Toronto Wedding Photographer Hunt Club Wedding Photos toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0018toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0079 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0080 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0084 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0082 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0083 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0085 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0086 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0087 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0089 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0090 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0092 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0096 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0094 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0104toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0109 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0106ring exchange at toronto weddingtoronto-hunt-club-wedding-0122 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0126 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0125 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0130 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0132 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0137 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0140R-K-0321 copy toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0144toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0147 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0145 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0148 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0150toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0146 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0151R-K-0334 copy toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0155toronto outside church after weddingtoronto-hunt-club-wedding-0166 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0167 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0172 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0171 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0170 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0169toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0178 Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photography toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0180 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0213 Toronto Hunt Golf Club Wedding toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0200 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0196 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0191 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0192 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0189 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0186 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0187 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0211 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0202 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0206 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0212 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0184toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0235Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photographytoronto-hunt-club-wedding-0226 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0222toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0229toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0219 toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0223toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0215dinner at hunt club wedding Golf course wedding photo toronto-hunt-club-wedding-0240 Gorgeous Toronto Wedding Venue - toronto hunt club Ashbridges Bay Wedding Toronto Hunt Club Wedding Photographyphoto of a toast at toronto weddingphoto of a cheers at the end of wedding speeches toronto hunt club wedding photographer