The Bride's Project // Toronto Photographer

The Brides Project Toronto has two very important purposes: to provide every bride with the things she needs for a beautiful wedding within her budget, and to support cancer charities by donating all their profits.  

Fighting Cancer, One Dress at a Time


I came across the Brides Project Toronto on a blog of some-sort while I was in China. I remember clicking through their website thinking to myself what a genius idea and how somehow I need to be involve. I bookmarked their website and archived it away with all the other surfing I do until I was back a few weeks ago. I sent out an email, crossed my fingers and last week I was invited to spend a day with the bride's project. I ended up photographing an average day of donations, and dress appointments. Girls walked out with their dream dress and the volunteers raised money for cancer research. It was perfect. Thanks so much for having me girls!


If you want to be involved, donate a dress, or read more about The Bride's Project click here.



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