Steph and Sinan - From Waterfront to Stanley Park to Bon Accord in East Van (PLUS some Tacofino!) and you have the Quintessential Vancouver Wedding

Steph and Sinan had a Quintessential Vancouver wedding. I'm going to tell you all about it, because now that I am also living in Vancouver I know they did everything right.

The day started down at Waterfront with Steph and all her girls. The sun is shining, Steph is looking like a babe, and there are almost the same number of champagne bottles as ladies.

The party has officially started.

We pack up and take a summer drive through Stanley Park to meet the boys; trees taller than most buildings, fresh air, Vancouver nature at its finest. A few photos later and a Defender ride from West to East Van, we arrive at Bon Accord; a woodshop by day and a party station by night.

The ceremony isn't too long, a sweet occasion in the sun, and to top it all off: some delicious Tacofino eats.

The afternoon turns to evening, and Sinan's best men bust out some karaoke. Surprise! The words are projected onto the wall, everyone is singing along, and Steph and Sinan join in with an impromptu first dance. You can take a listen if you press play on tunes I've supplied via youtube, and truly all is well with in the world in this minute.

One of my favourite days of the year. Steph and Sinan's wedding photos below. <3