Kitchener Wedding Photography - Harald + Andy

As I straightened my collared shirt  I smiled about the fact I was wearing denim shorts to a client meeting. I was in Thailand and Andrea was in Norway. We were about to skype chat about her Kitchener Wedding Photography. While traveling these meetings were the only time I dug through my backpack for that shirt. And though it was a challenge running a business overseas, it was something I was glad to undertake.  

Andy understood the travel bug. She had met Harold during a student exchange in Norway and had been living there ever since. She was putting a wedding together in her home town with the help of her Mom. I could tell over skype that everyone was excited. It wasn't until a week before the big day that I met Andrea in person, and not until after the ceremony I officially said hello to Harald. Technology constantly blows me away. The ability to meet people from all over the world, and then to use that technology to organize such an important event is such a serious feat.


Guests had flown in from all across the globe which really speaks to the quality of friends Harold and Andy have. From Norway to Austrailia, Sweden to Guelph it was truly an international crowd. Traditions I had never seen before were scattered throughout the reception. It was fun to capture something different, to be a part of something I might never have a chance otherwise to experience.  For example in traditional Norwegian weddings when the groom leaves the room all the boys line up to give the bride a kiss on the cheek.  I think we should instate it here!


And then there was the party.


Harald and Andy know how to throw a party, and the Deer Ridge Golf Club in Kitchener was a perfect place to have it. The dance floor was full from the beginning of the night until the end.

Andy and herold get married this is some kitchener wedding photography

The photos above a just a snippet from their portrait session but the photos below are what memories are made of. Harold and Andy: 100% candid.

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