Kait and Chris and their Wedding Up High on a Mountain at the Pink Plantation House, Down South In St. Lucia.

I had my camera on my hip when the DJ called the last song from the corner of the Pink Plantation House. No one wanted the day to end. The dance floor was wildly full and Kait's two Grandmas, who were resting, were pulled up to join the forming circle.  "We are family" played loud from the speakers and with arms around each other everyone sang into the night. It was a surreal moment.

We were on a small mountain above the city lights of Castries in St Lucia and had spent the afternoon watching Kait and Chris say their vows on the shores of Pigeon Island National Park.  I felt lucky to be a part of it.

Kait and Chris, and the Noon and Lay family thank you for having me, and for the week of memories. I truthfully can't look at these photos and not smile. I can't hit play on the song below and not want to dance just a little bit.