A Milestone

It was the middle of August last year when I quit my job in Honey Harbour, Ontario to pursue this crazy wedding photography thing full time. It has been a year since I've worked for anyone other than great couples and I love it. I can't lie some days are harder than others but the year mark is incredible and I feel like it is time to celebrate! One year of fully working for myself as a wedding photographer - ups and down - triumphs and a few failures. I've taken workshops, grew as a photographer, pushed boundaries and borders, and had one hell of a time. I've recently moved to Guelph Ontario and its been a challenge getting the business going here but it is a beautiful city and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I'm still traveling around Ontario to photograph weddings which is just how I like it. This weekend I have a playlist ready for the drive to Parry Sound, and next weekend into downtown core of Toronto. I'm looking forward to where the 2013 season will take me.

I always get asked how many pictures I take at a wedding, on my travels, during life in general and well since it was raining last night I decided to find out for this milestone blog post how many photographs I've taken in the last year. And I've estimated approximately 73,000. Seriously. Now how scientific was this estimate? Truthfully not that scientific. But at about 2000+ photos a wedding, plus a five month trip, multiple engagement and family sessions and a bit of my own life I figure that is just about right on the money.


73,000 and going strong, what a year its been and I feel like I am just getting started!


barn photograph of bride and groom by guelph wedding photographer