Debbie and Anthony, Snowdonia Wales - Llyn Gwynant Campground Wedding

"I only bring my favourite people here." Deb said. We looked at each other and smiled. It was three days after her and Anthony's wedding and the coveted English sun was ceremoniously blazing over the hills of the Lake District. Deb, while planning a wedding, renovating a house from the foundations up, and starting a business also decided to hike the 214 wainwright peaks in the area in a single year. Completely crazy if you knew how much time that entailed in total, but Deb, tenacious and determined, made it happen.

We were there that day on her favourite of the 214 peaks, a place where ten years before her Dad's ashes were scattered. On the top of that hill, hidden and invisible to plain sight Deb leaves a painted stone, and a message of love for him every year to mark the anniversary.

It was about year before that day this September Anthony proposed painting a stone himself for Deb and hiding it amongst the others before they walked the hill together. It was a way to include her Dad in the wedding, and there with Emily another close friend of Deb's we listened to Deb recall the whole day, and where life had taken her and Anthony between then and now.


I met Deb about four years before that while she lived in Toronto. She is a wedding blogger and as a wedding photographer we had crossed paths. Our mutual love for the outdoors, and graphic design started what I think will be a life long friendship, and we've stayed in touch supporting each other from across an ocean via Skype since she moved home in 2013.

When Deb was engaged and the wedding date was set at the beautiful Llyn Gwynant Campground in Wales, I booked a flight to the UK.

A few days before the wedding I arrived to my favourite British girls at the train station, and though I hadn't slept on my flight from Vancouver to Manchester, I was happy to be traveling and it felt like no time had passed since I was in the passenger seat on the wrong side of the road driving the streets of England two years before.

We packed the car and an entire trailer with enough DIY wedding supplies to survive an apocalypse if crafts could double as survival provisions, and headed south into the Welsh countryside.