Chelsea and Bryan, Glenrosa Farms Wedding Photos, Metchosin BC

It is truly a privilege when someone in the wedding industry asks you to be a part of their day, it is an even greater honour when you are asked by a friend. Chelsea and I met two years ago now, she is a wedding film maker, and her and Bryan may be the first friends I made when I moved to the west coast. I've had a very hard time writing this post, I had too much inside information, and I couldn't exactly put into words a single anecdote to sum up the whole day like I normally do. I had a big list which included: When Chelsea saw her dad for the first time and laughed and cried at the same time, when Bryan's Mom gave his Grandma the thumbs up as she watched Bryan stand in front of everyone, and when after the ceremony Chelsea and Bryan stood at the end of the aisle beside each other listening to their friend's and fellow bandmates finish the song they had rehearsed for them. I also loved when Bryan read the original facebook messages from Chelsea when they first started dating back in high school but you know I couldn't make a blog post on that.

None of the individual moments did the full day justice, and as I wrote this I kept returning to a passage from a book Chelsea and I read together in book club this past summer.

I underlined it then and it rings so true now; It described a wedding as a day where everyone could  "Bask in the light of their [the couple's] shared happiness."

Chelsea and Bryan's parents beamed in the morning through to the speeches, their friend's played music throughout the ceremony and into the night, everyone who helped out with the day felt the love these two have for each other and for everyone around them.

I couldn't write it better myself.

The biggest thank you to Noah Edwards for the music here, and the music at the wedding. And another thank you for everyone who worked to make September 6th unforgettable. (Scroll down to the bottom for full credits)

It was a privilege to be there, to photograph alongside my friend Zaac Pick, and to squeeze Chelsea's hand during the reception as she smiled into the faces of her friends.



Venue - Glen Rosa Farms

Planning - French Kiss Events

Florals - Clare Day Flowers

Video - Paper Heart Films - Cassie O'Neil

MakeUp - Melanie Baird

Hair - Conscious Hair

Photo Booth - Four Frames Photobooth