Camp Tapawingo

I was nine years old when my mom put me on a bus to Parry Sound. Along with my seven year old sister and about one hundred other girls I headed to Camp Tapawingo. Two weeks of independence, laughter, swimming, canoeing and campfires. I had a ball. I came home and told my mom that I'd rather go to camp than to disney land. So they sent me.

From the time I was nine until I was fifteen I packed my bags for Georgian Bay weeks in advance and practiced camp songs year round counting down to those weeks in the summer where I sing until my heart was content.

Camp Tapawingo was like a home away from home for me, and so I dug up some photos taken with nothing other than a disposable camera more than a few years ago.


camp tapawingo parry sound ontariocamp tapawingo bus to camp from torontobeing a camper at Tapawingomud games


This Saturday thanks to the great internet the planets aligned, and I was able to photograph a wedding on the same property that I earned my first bee sting on. Where I swam in a race through the lake while trying to read a newspaper out loud, and practiced the famous toilet bowl synchronized swimming move. Where I found a love for canoe tripping and where I was dared to eat 12 pancakes and did.


Tricia and Corey made the dining hall completely theirs and now in a completely different way Tapawingo is a place they won't ever forget either.


camp tapawingo wedding photos