Blue Mountain Wedding Ceremony Photos | A Mother's Day Post

  "Brittany you look beautiful" Brittany's mom Sue spoke in almost a whisper.


"...and you were mine first..."



Brittany's eyes lock with Sue's in the hustle of wedding preparations, and they both smile that same closed mouth, lips turned up, quiet smile, that because of genetics or possibly a lifetime together mirrors the other. I can only wonder what Sue is thinking; if she is remembering tying Britt's shoes before her first day of kindergarden, or if she thinks back to when she waited up on the couch sipping tea as Brittany broke curfew at sixteen. Maybe my imagination is limited by where I believe my own mother's thoughts might go on her daughter's wedding day.



The day rolled on and together the girls headed up the mountain where Brittany would meet Mike, and above the city of Collingwood they would start life together. Sue stood in front of the couple at the start of the ceremony, and like any mother would spoke from the heart.





mother's reading at wedding ceremony in coolingwood ontario photograph


Happy Mother's Day.

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