Behind the Scenes of a Victoria Wedding Photographer

I spent most of May in Victoria British Columbia photographing weddings before heading back to Ontario for the 2014 summer season. I was between the island and the mainland, timing my ferry rides with sunsets.  

I took few pictures in-between the chaos of wedding vows, and midnight editing, mostly for myself, mostly for fun. A little behind the scenes of what it is like as a Victoria wedding photographer. I want to remember what it feels like to move a business across the country, and the people that are making it possible for me to do that. I can't wait to smile at these pictures a year from now when I am set up and comfortable on the west coast. Until the fall though I am in Ontario dreaming of mountains, and photographing lovers.


drive to a wedding proposal

Testing out the silent shutter mode on my new camera (5DM3).

testing silent mode on my canon Mark III

Dwight can't even hear my sneakily taking his picture right now.

Barb doubles as a photographer

Barb is a fantastic Victoria wedding planner, she also doubles as a wedding photographer.

Canon C100 awesome wedding photography camera

Camera steerage.

Just a boat ride in the middle of a wedding

Kayakers don't care for wedding photographs

all clear for wedding pictures

So Sharalee told them to clear out. (Kidding :) they kayaked off into the evening on their own.)

selfie of wedding photographer at wedding in Victoria BC

Photographer crosses river with all his gear in British Columbia

Evan crossing the river with all our gear, photo adventure.

sneaky photojournalism shots taken by the best photographer in BC

Epic location for a wedding proposal

Victoria Wedding Photographer

Dwight master videographer.

French Kiss Events taking a break at a wedding day during lunch

French Kiss Event Team at a beautiful Victoria wedding, I will blog those photos eventually I promise.

behind the scenes with helicopter camerahelicopter camera

Evan's video- helicopter camera in action in Pemberton, and my photography wish list growing longer. behind the scenes of a victoria wedding photographer