Nele and Josh sailed the pacific and eloped on a dock in Sooke BC. Where a curious seal turned their party of four into a party of five.

Nele and Josh found themselves with a broken van stuck in Sooke British Columbia. A little seaside town at the edge of the rainforest on Vancouver Island. They were on a road trip they had planned across North America. Sooke though beautiful, doesn't offer much in the way of tourism, but with a little luck and a few friendly Canadians they ended up having the best few days by the sea.

They said to each other then, if they ever got married they would come back to Sooke. 

Fast forward a few years and a few continents, Nele and Josh flew back to Sooke from New Zealand with an elopement planned. Josh and Nele's father waited on the dock in suits as the locals caught crabs, and the seagulls circled. White sails were tied to the sailboat we would eventually board, and Nele met Josh smiling at the sight of each other.

The ceremony began with a surprise guest. A seal who curiously decided to float by, and making this party of four a party of five for a few minutes. 

The afternoon that followed was magic. We sailed the inlet around Whiffen's Spit and out to the Pacific, cutting the wedding cake and throwing the flowers on top like a bouquet out to sea. Nele popped the champagne, and sat close to Josh, keeping warm. It was light hearted and beautiful, and exactly what they wanted. 

The evening took us all from the ocean to the top of the mountains with a dinner of foraged foods and local wine, and I left the four of them to enjoy the view. 

Nele and Josh - couldn't have planned such a day from abroad without the help of an amazing team, and I couldn't of been happier to be a part of it. So a little honourable mention here, before we get into the photos goes to: 

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