Lauren and Spencer teared up below the Sun, the Moon and the Mountains.

We spent that Friday afternoon in the middle of July at the top of the world with the world's tiniest solo cups toasting Lauren and Spencer, and the weekend ahead. The moon was out during the day not wanting to miss the festivities, and the short hike turned into a snowball fight before we were through.

Saturday was spent a below the mountain instead of on top.  Lauren and Spencer said there vows in the field looking up onto the nearby peaks. Everyone was simultaneously sweating and crying; true waterworks in the heat of the summer and I couldn't have been happier for them. 

I decided a year before when I met Lauren and Spencer at another wedding they were my people, I didn't realize then, or in the lead up to their wedding we had met years before. I had been invited as a periphery friend of a friend to a party at Lauren's famous apartment in Kits to watch the Vancouver fireworks on her rooftop. Long before I lived in the city, I was visiting the west coast from Toronto and staying with an old friend who already knew Lauren was her people. It was only during the speeches when Lauren's friends described her home did I realize I had been there, watching the fireworks with them on a July evening five or so years ago. 

I don't really believe in destiny, but I do like to think that the universe was conspiring for one reason or another, and I'm so happy our paths crossed again on such a beautiful occasion.