Rhiannon and Jordan rock, paper, scissored to see who would say their vows first at the Painted Rock Winery in Penticton.

It was dark and the smoke had lifted.

Tears had been futilely blown back into their sockets. There had been, a fair, best two out of three,  rock paper scissors match to decide who would say their vows first, and then a quiet passing of a red handkerchief  so subtly you could have missed it. There was banter, a champagne sabrage and a wine blessing.

And then dinner was done, and there the boys were emerging from the bushes with the strum of a guitar, a bongo beat, and of course a cowbell. Jordan recited the first lyrics of a classic tune and song ended with the entire tent in an uproar singing along. 

Rhiannon and Jordan it was such a pleasure to spend the weekend with you in the Okanagan.