2017 Year End Review: Peaks and Valleys

I'd be lying if I said that 2017 was easy. It hasn't been. Its been a year of the highest highs and the lowest of lows. 

It started on a high - I photographed a wedding to ring in the new year, and had an Australian visitor. I snowshoed, and road tripped through Washington and Oregon. I spent my birthday in a cabin Galiano Island with some of my favourite people singing Beyonce's Halo so off key. February I escaped with some friends and photographers to California for a Field Trip - a week of art and culture, we went to the Broad to check out the art, we drank margaritas and talked about our work and the work that was inspiring us. I flew home for a day, and then up to the Yukon / North West Territories and spent another two weeks exploring a completely different place, with my best friends.

April I started shooting weddings regularly again; Rachel Pick and I hosted the first Vancouver Print Party a community event for photographers in Vancouver. Lens and Shutter sponsored it along with Faculty Brewing, and I felt like I had found my people in the city finally. In May I was off to Mexico for a destination wedding, and June I was back to Ontario twice. 

July started with a phone call in the airport that I'll never forget. I was on the plane crying beside my Dad on the way to a family reunion in Saskatchewan. I decided to move, and I finished shooting weddings in September, on the wait list for surgery with a torn ACL after a climbing accident. 

October started and I joined the Canada C3 team on a dream job, and for a short ten days along BC's central coast I sailed on an old coast guard ice breaker ship. I came home Vancouver to work for Dirt Road Travels - a travel guide based out of Denver. I was doing what I love, exploring, telling stories and photographing, all with a limp (ACL was still torn). But, I felt like I was back in a way, and then knocked right back down come November when a white work truck hit myself and a friend as we crossed the street. Jack Johnson has this song called “Do You Remember” and in it there is a line of lyrics that go: “I took a picture that, I don’t like to look at.” and until the beginning of November, I couldn’t say that I had taken a photo that made me feel that way personally. Now I have one, tucked away of the inside of the ambulance that I'd be okay with never seeing again. 

I decided I need a little family time and so I came back to Ontario for a few weeks this December, and here we are. 

I've been making this digital yearbook/blog post now for six years - 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and by far this has been the toughest year to date, but I've never been more grateful to my friends or been pushed to be a good friend like I have had to be before. I'm not the same person as I was when the year started.

My couples/clients have been so wonderful through all of it, giving me a little extra time on images when I needed it/rescheduling when possible, and celebrating the highs with me. My trips to PEI, Salt Spring, Mexico, Washington, and the Okanagan were all trips that stand out. I honestly do put so much of myself into the work I do, and the photos I take, and I couldn't have been more grateful to go through this year with everyone who I worked for. 

The images below are a mix of the travel, couples, and friends and family that made this year worth getting through. Thank you.