Brianne and Paul were married and then romantically watch the sunset together from the dock at Whonnock Lake

Where do I start with this one. 

How about one week before the wedding. It isn't a very exciting story, but it is true. Eight days prior to the day you see below, I fell off the climbing wall. I tore my my ACL and LCL, and as I lay on the mat hugging my knee I kid you not, I was thinking about how I was going to shoot Brianne and Paul's wedding. My last wedding shoot of the summer. 

In meetings, couples always ask me what is the back up plan if you are sick? No one asks what is the backup plan if you can't walk? All I knew at that moment was that they were the first couple to book me for a 2017 wedding, and I wasn't going to let them down. So to physio I went (and a quick thank you to Davin my physiotherapist and past groom who broke the news to me that I really screwed up my knee in the nicest way.)  as well as to my photography community, and some of my closest friends who came through for me. Tomasz Wagner - My climbing partner, (who wasn't with me on the day of my fall)  amazing wedding photographer, and most importantly friend  was miraculously free, and graciously said he would be my second set of eyes this day - truly my second set of knees. The dance floor shots are almost all his while I sat in the back with an ice pack. I must say we were a great team under not the greatest circumstances, and I couldn't have been more grateful to be able to shoot this wedding with his help. 

Okay enough about me, because really it is Brianne and Paul that matter here. 

Brianne and Paul. 

I walked into a room with a record collection that would impress anyone; makeup brushes covering the turntable, and I walked home feeling the love of every single love song on every single one of those records. Paul welled up when Brianne walked around the corner of Whonnock Lake, so did her bridesmaids, so did half the audience. Brianne kissed her Mom on the lips as a thank-you-for-everything kind of gesture before anyone could gain some composure. Their ceremony was heartfelt and with the exchange of rings came kisses on hands, and as they walked back down the aisle covered in confetti like any true music fan/extreme record collector Paul threw up his arms. Rock N Roll. 

The kids played under tables and with polaroids while the grown ups laughed and cried through the speeches. Brianne and Paul danced to Beyonce and mentioned the love ones they lost. The kids continued to do adorable things. It was a night for the ages and a wedding I will never forget. 

Congratulations you two. 

Day of Co-ordination: Ingrid Rose  Makeup: Ruth Bancroft