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Taylor Roades  [The Short Version]

I am a full time  photographer based between Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia; originally from Toronto, ON. Over the past six years photography have taken me across Asia to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I’ve carried too much photo gear through the Canadian Rockie mountains to the Scottish highlands and I have clicked a shutter thousands and thousands of times – I’ve had a very well documented couple of years.

Travel is what is what sparked my interest in photography, but a love for life’s small joys is what brought me to weddings.

I am shooting the 2018 wedding season primarily in and around Vancouver and Victoria BC but I do have a few dates set to be back in my hometown of Toronto Ontario so please get in touch, no matter which side of the country you are on. There is nothing I love more than a celebration, and I’d love to document yours.

Aside from weddings I do shoot some outdoor adventure/travel work which you can view here.

You Can Find Me Socially Online Here:

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Taylor Roades [The Long Version]

Taylor Roades [The Long Version]

My first word was go.


Go. Go. Go. Go.

Was it childish babbling or perhaps a prophetic freudian slip?


The first comprehensible sound I ever uttered could have been an ode to a future love of travel, or perhaps etymology, the love of words and eventually stories. It is an adjective, a verb and noun; multiple applications, infinite ways to fit into simple sentences.

Go. – To move from one place to another, to travel.

Go. – Spirit or Energy “You’ve really got a lot of go in you.”

Go. – Functioning properly “All Systems Go.”

Go. – An attempt to try something “I’ll give it a go”

Go. In a lot of ways has defined my drive to enter into the world of photography, to explore, to try, and to see for myself.

Photography for me is as much about living, and learning, as it is protest against forgetting. It’s about revisiting a period of time, the monumental events and experiences that make us who we are. It is about sharing those experiences. Photography is honest and it is the small subtleties of connections between lovers and families, of spaces, of gestures that speak the truths of a moment in time, it is the subtleties that keep me interested. Weddings, travel, and documentary photography are the same in that respect; they just stem from different distinct parts of life, and I can’t say I’m drawn to one more than the other. 

My wedding work overflows into other projects and vice versa; the combination makes me better at understanding people and seeking new perspectives. I hope it makes me a better photographer.


It is my favourite story my mom shares from my childhood.

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Photo Credits: Brittany Esther, Katie Brissard, Brian Van Wyk, Jenn Stark, Shane Shepard, Rachel Pick, Kim Jay, Courtney Clarke, The Eye Doctor (That really is my eyeball) 

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